Bringing the Taste of Finland to the World

Natural, healthy, and delicious oat-based dairy: this is Ave-Natur. With a range of 12 products and 5 different flavors Ave-Natur brings the taste of Finland to the world – and we got to help them do it.

We got to work creating a packaging design focused on clean, simple, and structured design. We used big colourful blocks and Scandinavian patterns to distinguish Ave-Natur as a brand. We positioned the brand as an oat-based Finnish product that uncovers Finland to the world. Oats are an essential part of Finnish heritage and Ave-Natur products are a way to share this heritage. Each time a customer discovers a new Ave-Natur product and flavour another part of the Finnish values, nature, people, and lifestyle is uncovered.
The Ave-Natur brand includes a love for nature and a desire for innovation. The production has a low carbon footprint, uses less land, and involves a minimal amount of water usage. The packaging is eco-friendly and the natural resources (oats) are produced using nature-friendly farming methods.

Once we built a strong brand and beautiful packaging it was time to introduce Ave-Natur to the world, starting with the Asian market. We created a strong go-to market plan and social media content strategy. Recipes created in collaboration with Hong Kong-based Finish chef Jaakko Sorsa, fun-facts about Finland, behind the scenes content, and updates about where to find these products: make sure you check out what Ave-Natur is doing (link to Insta).

As of today Ave-Natur has succesfully launched in the Asian market. These delicious products can be found in retail chains throughout Japan in over 180 locations, and can be ordered online. You can also taste the silky-smooth, creamy Oat Barista in over 50 speciality coffee shops throughout Japan. This is only the beginning of the oat-revolution!