who we are andwhat we believe in

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We are Misteli. We provide creative communications for organizations that are just as committed as we are. Organizations that believe in creating long-term connections to create real value. Like we do.

We work where we can make a difference. Our work varies vastly, but a lot of what we do is in the social arena. Because we believe that’s where our involvement has the greatest impact.

We operate with a small, experienced core team and a selected network of freelancers.

This way we can guarantee that our approach is always customized and that we avoid expenses we can’t account for.

You can always recognize our work by our belief in the amazing times we live in. Today there are countless incredible initiatives aimed at making this world better, more liveable and more sustainable. It’s our job to connect these initiatives with the audiences they deserve. We’ve been doing that since 1994. And it’s what we will continue doing as long as there are ideas around that need us.

a creative, curious,brilliant and humblebunch.

Meet the team.

We operate with a small, experienced core team and
with a selected network of freelancers. That way our
approach is always customised to your brief.