Not justanotherB Corp

At Misteli we are true B Corp adepts. We believe your organisation and our society will benefit massively from adapting the B Corp way of working. It provides simple but effective step-by-step tools to become more sustainable and improve social responsibility.

We can help you take the first step

As a B Corp agency, we know the drill. We’re part of the community of companies that made it in and actively partner where we can. We’ve been through the process ourselves twice. And now, as certified B Leaders, we are happy to guide you and welcome you in.

We can help you take the first step and build long-term energy around sustainability in your organisation. Investing in sustainability builds real brand value if you communicate about it smartly, transparent, proud and honest. This way, you make a double impact, for your brand, and for the world of tomorrow.

lets go!

You can’t stop the wave,
but you can learn to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Shifting Patterns

Everyone can scream impact on their website. But actual change doesn’t happen overnight.
We are about shifting patterns. Acknowledging the delicate challenge such a transition can be. Steering clear of pitfalls and greenwashing. We are helping you change. Step by step, you’ll get there.

Young, ambitious companies have the flexibility to make changes and improve quickly. For companies with a legacy of decades, shifting patterns is a long-time effort. Eventually worth every minute.

Let us help you become a B Corp

Being B Corp Certified comes with many benefits, hard and soft, that is as a B Corp, you’ll:

  • Set a clear direction for your company
  • Foster a positive, inspiring working climate
  • Attract highly motivated people to work for you and stay longer
  • Be part of a global network of businesses that do business for good.
  • Attract business opportunities
  • Foster a positive, inspiring working climate

Since certification, we have been getting more applications from great colleagues. Simply because we are B Corp, people want to work with us. We have new business coming in because clients roam the B Corp network looking for a company that matches their values. And collaborations with other B Corps have taken shape that elevates our work.

We help you get the ball rolling in the organization, with every colleague involved and aware. Ready to make real change and tell the story. Far beyond stock sustainability.


Warming upto B Corp

In a high-energy session, we kick off your B Corp certification journey.


In a four-hour session, we turn your company upside down.


In a custom program, we help you improve to certify as B Corp within a year.