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Positive impact starts with an idea. But an idea is just an idea. Eventually, you need to get your team involved. Change Engagement is about inspiring the people within your organisation for your initiative and giving them ownership.

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A sustainability report is your organisation’s sustainability dashboard. An annual impact report that gives you energy and makes your team proud. We help to extract all the necessary information from your organisation, design the report and let you present it with a bang.

B Corp support

B Corporations are businesses that balance purpose and profit. They consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. As certified B Leaders we are trained to guide your organisation to become a B Corp. We will walk you through the 6-month process with kick-offs, cultivating ambassadors and weekly support.

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In a high-energy session, we kick off your B Corp certification journey.

Together we:

  • Walk through the B Corp basics and benefits.
  • Use the power of experience to build energy around sustainability.
  • Explore the B Impact assessment
  • State ambitions
  • Divide the first steps and roles to get into action mode.

You’ll leave high-spirited, with a shared belief around becoming B Corp Certified and clearly defined first steps. And we’ll deliver a visionary one pager based on the session to kick-start the certification in your company.

In a four-hour session, we turn your company upside down.

Especially in a business with a legacy of decades, it can be hard to find your way out of sustainability challenges. An outside perspective, practical examples, and an outlook from a surprising angle can help you overcome hurdles and take the next step.

Result: You’ll leave with a new outlook, clear examples, and redefine the next steps to conquer B Corp certification.



Tough cookie to get started and make progress? In a custom program, we help you improve to certify as B Corp within a year.

One year looks like a long period, but that is with a purpose. One year takes some pressure off and gives you time to prepare and get through the necessary changes at a pace that fits your company.

The program includes:

  • Kick-off session to explore and state ambitions
  • Setting up and guiding a team of internal ambassadors
  • Gap analysis
  • Session: turn high-level ambitions into steps to take
  • Monthly sessions with support to improve
  • We invite experts on topics that are vital to your business
  • Quarterly video interviews share progress in and outside of your organization
  • Your first sustainability report as a basis to build from
  • A communication strategy that fits new brand positioning

Result: If you do the work, you’ll be B Corp Certified before the end of the year. And have a strong communication basis for building business value from the certification.

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