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What do you do when corporate and social responsibility has always been at the core of your business, but is barely spoken about? You create a strong sustainability communication strategy.

i-team Global is a world-wide manufacturer of cleaning products, born out of the mission to empower cleaners. They do this by making better, cleaner, safer, greener, and faster cleaning products to empower cleaners to be hospitality hosts.

Together with ESG Ambassador Ron van de ven, Co-founder of B Lab Europe Leen Zevenbergen, and experts from Nexio Projects and Been Management Consulting we formed the i-team Global Sustainability Hub. While others went to work structuring roadmaps and establishing reporting processes we focused on the communication strategy. We set out to bring their impact mission, efforts, and stories to light.

We started by defining the leading narrative: illuminating the sustainable core at the heart of i-team Global. We did this by creating a beautiful sustainability visual identity based on the original logo, distinguishing sustainability communication from regularly communication.

Then we started crafting stories. Every month we create content around the various impact projects and efforts at i-team Global. These videos, interviews, and articles go to on the Webportal, created specifically to showcase i-team Global’s impact efforts. A feature on the award-winning Flight Forum, the Litre for a Litre program which has resulted in over 1.4 billion litres of clean drinking water donated, or a look at how sustainability is incorporated into the product innovation – you can find all of this on the webportal,.

Once a year these stories are collected into the Sustainability Magazine, which has the readability of a magazine and the user experience of a website. This year’s was the first edition, and showcases i-team Global vision, journey, and the projects and initiatives from the past year.

This is a continual communication strategy; in 2024 we will continue with monthly content and the second Sustainability Magazine.
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