New Connection via the MRA Intranet


The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) is the partnership of the provinces of North Holland and Flevoland, 30 municipalities and the Amsterdam Transport Region. For the MRA this means that colleagues aren’t always in the same building, and a lot of communication took place via WhatsApp groups. As a result, information and personal connections were often fragmented.

Despite the physical distance, the MRA wanted to increase and strengthen the connection between colleagues through an intranet. Here, personal connections can be made, jokes shared, and discussions can be held.

Together with Go2People we designed an accessible intranet entirely in the MRA style. The intranet creates personal connections through polls, the photo of the week feature, and birthday notifications. The intranet is also designed for work-related topics and includes a page where meeting reports can be shared, an overview of the most important meetings, and an option to suggest topics for meetings.

We chose to work with real-life feedback rounds, with everyone involved at one table. We could quickly collect feedback, discuss the possible options, and make immediate decisions. As a result, an intranet was created within a few months.