Nieuw Oudorp


On the banks of the most beautiful curve in the Alkmaars Kanaal lies Nieuw Oudorp. Emerging along the river is a vibrant, sturdy, and innovative work and residential area. Together with our client (public and private parties), we developed a communication strategy culminating in a new name, logo, visual identity, website, and social media for Nieuw Oudorp. Alongside populating the various communication channels, we also crafted an online and offline activation campaign.

In order to create a strong communication and branding strategy we start with an identity session together with the involved parties. Together we describe the core of the area: the DNA, tone of voice, market position, instrumental benefits, and target audiences. Then we move on to the branding.

We chose a name and energy statement that works well in both text and images: Nieuw Oudorp – your new homeport. This pay-off indicates that Nieuw Oudorp is a place which you can make your own. Here, new residents can build, grow, and innovate.

The most beautiful curve in the Alkmaars Kanaal is incorporated into the logo. This curve forms the core identity of the port city and lies in the O of Oudorp. The curve is friendly, cheerful, and open. The half-smile is active and power, and it works to connect, carry, and protect. Behind the logo flows and bustles a wave which energises the area. The colours are bright, lively, confident, and intriguing.

The Nieuw Oudorp website is brimming with energy and offers a clear and user-friendly experience. Most importantly the website showcases the available residential projects and offers, amenities, and activities in the neighbourhood. Initially, the core goal of the website and social media channels is to create brand awareness and positioning. These are also very important channels through which to inform and inspire the target audiences. The tone of voice and communication methods are informal, inviting, and personal – directly addressing the future residents.

At the end of May the website went live along with the first three news articles. This was announced via social media, an online campaign, and signage in the area. Over the coming year we will continue communicating about the initiatives, projects, and entrepreneurs in New Oudorp. Curious about the renting or buying offers? Check out the website here.

Nieuw Oudorp