Stationskwartier Heerhugowaard


Ambitious, innovative, and for everyone. Dijk en Waard Stationskwartier is becoming a hypermodern, impressive residential and working district. This beautiful neighborhood is adjacent to the Heerhugowaard station – a major public transport hub – and has luscious natural areas in its backyard. Here you will find over 1300 modern homes, space for encounters and meetings, sports, culture, greenery, and relaxation. This is the creation of a sustainable and healthy living environment. In Stationskwartier you are at home between city and nature.

We have enjoyed the privilege to contribute to the brand positioning, creation of the logo and visual identity, establishing the tone of voice, and building the communication strategy for Stationskwartier. In collaboration with the Municipality of Dijk en Waard and the project developers, Stationskwartier has gained its own unique identity.

Our process starts with an identity session to define the DNA, tone of voice, market position, instrumental benefits, and the target audiences of the new area. Together with all the collaborating parties we get to the core of the neighborhood, and we use this identity to craft the communication strategy and visual identity.

To match this innovative and ambitious neighborhood we created an inviting, lively, dynamic, and trendy visual identity. The logo is strong, clear, and modern with an architectural nod. Stationskwartier is typified by colors which are inviting, daring, and striking. Together these colors are contrasting and diverse, just like the area’s future residents.

They main goal of the communication strategy is to reach the target audiences and gather those interested in the building projects. Through the website, future residents of Stationskwartier are informed about the facilities, activities, and housing offers in the area. Additionally, we used an activation campaign to develop a strong presence in the area and through social channels.

Over the coming year we will continue to create content and share information about the initiatives, projects, and news in the area. Curious? Check out the projects here.

Stationskwartier Heerhugowaard