B for Good Netwerk


On June 16th and 17th, ’22, a powerful force for good swept through the magnificent halls of the Auditorium of Rome. This was the B for Good Leaders Summit – a gathering of over 600 CEOs and leaders of B Corps companies and organisations with a B Corp mindset. They spent two days learning from one another, challenging each other, and making collective commitments to maximise their impacts as businesses and as leaders within their business networks.

The summit was only the beginning of something much bigger. By now, over 1200 visionary CEOs have joined forces through the B for Good Leaders Network. This network is a hub of knowledge sharing, digital and in-person connections, and meaningful conversations through the Dialogue series. The founders of the B for Good Leaders Network envision bringing 30,000 CEOs together to drive the B Economy forward.

Evolving from the summit to the network also means transforming the brand, design, and communication. Using our identity model, we delved into the essence of the network – the people, tone of voice, and DNA which makes it unique. The result is a warm, inviting, diverse, and action-driven identity. To match the soul of the B for Good Network, we complemented its iconic orange colour with an array of warm colours. Not only that, but we also added patterns to convey the diversity of people and activities breathing life into this network.

Of course, we had to breathe our creativity into all aspects of the network: the website, newsletter, social posts, animations, and…to the B for Good Leaders Summit 2023!

Bforgood Leaders