Circularity on a huge scale

The transition to circularity is happening on a large scale, as soon as big spenders aren’t going for any less. That’s why this project was great.

The Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam (MRA) spends a total of 4 bilion euro’s a year. And in June 2018, the 32 municipalities and 2 provinces signed the Letter of Intent on circular procurement and commissioning. Which means that  50% of everything they buy, ranging from roads and buildings to catering and clothing, has to be procured circularly by 2025. Even aiming for 100% circular procurement and commissioning by 2030. That’s a massive impact right there.

Working with people from all through the MRA, we created the video showing  their program setup and advancements. Meant to inspire leaders from other regions to follow the MRA’s lead. Have a look!

Here you can learn more about the visual identity of MRA.