That's the (e)mission!

We cannot ignore it: the earth is warming up and the climate is changing. That entails great responsibility that we must bear together. The Netherlands does this, among other things, by presenting our achievements and ambitions in the field of zero-emission mobility to the world. The Dutch Pavilion at EVS32, an international scientific conference in the field of Electric Transport, was such a moment.

Commissioned by RVO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment and local authorities, we were asked to determine the positioning for this.

We came up with Mission Zero: a future without emissions. Where normally the figure “0” and ambition do not match, this time it is inextricably linked to Dutch ambition.

Mission Zero was expressed in five themes: Know-how, Infrastructure, Energy Transition, Mobility Concepts & Industry.
In addition to this positioning, we also developed the logo for Mission Zero, which was visible both in the Pavilion and in media.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Netherlands Enterprise Agency