Do you remember? In Spring 2019, the world went into lockdown, and everything came to a screeching halt. Life hit the pause button.

The lockdown was a lot of things, but it certainly gave us a chance to reflect. To contemplate the state of the world and philosophise about what could be improved.

We did That precisely, and we invited others to do it with us. We reached out to other Amsterdam-based B Corp agencies; meanwhile, BR-ND reached out to us. And there we were, 1.5 metres apart on a sunny afternoon in Vondelpark, embarking on our first brainstorming session.

Here’s what we noticed: an increasing number of organisations in the Netherlands are starting to recognise the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality in the workplace. However, only a small minority have implemented policies for these issues. We wanted to do something about this. That is how the idea of ‘Let’s play equally, the most unfair game in the world’ was born. The board game is created for organisations and designed to uncover underlying problems and structures related to diversity, inclusion, and equality. Together with Blyde Benelux, BR-ND People, and greenjobs.nl, we formed the Amsterdam B Coalition, and, with the support of B Lab Benelux, we dove headfirst into an intensive development process.

This is where ideas had to be turned into reality. Malgosia, our project manager, delved into lists and planning, ensuring that the development progressed swiftly. Meanwhile, Veronique and Geert went on a mission to unlock the secret of true empathy. How do you get players to engage in meaningful conversations? How should the game facilitate that? This was a journey of countless test plays and iterations over three years!

Once the game was finalised, our designer, Ernest, immersed himself in creating the visual style. He came up with the concept of fingerprints signifying identities and the colours representing the array of human diversity. Thanks to the collective efforts of 80 colleagues and various passionate experts, we now have a real game.

The main purpose of the game? To encourage people to, vulnerably and safely, put themselves into someone else’s shoes to gain perspective and awareness.

Want to have your own go at winning the ‘game of life’? Visit the website and order your own game here: www.letsplayequal.com