housing corporations be prepared. EVs are coming to the common man.

Since the very first EV conference we organized in 2016, we have been closely involved in the transition to electric cars. Clean air, no noise and less CO2 emissions. We lend ourselves to that.

Fortunately, the transition is going faster and faster. So fast that electric cars, new or second-hand, are increasingly gleaming at the door housing corporations’ tenants.

But more often than not, they don’t have their own garage. And buying a charging station for your rental home is quite something. So where can they charge? And what does this mean for housing corporations?

Rent & energy consult, RVO and EV consult figured it out. So that corporations can start taking the necessary steps. And their tenants can simply charge their electric car at home. In this way, the transition to driving electric can go on at full speed.

We developed an infographic that summarizes the whole story.

Renting & charging, this is what should happen. Check out the infographic.

Huur & Energie, Rijksdienst voor Ondernemen, EV Consult