UPtown Sloterdijk campaign

Bringing UPtown Sloterdijk to life

Chances are that you know the Amsterdam Sloterdijk area as a gray, one-sided office area, but in the coming years Sloterdijk will transform into a lively city district. By the end of 2024, 3000+ people will live here, with all the amenities you could wish for.

The trained eye sees that change taking shape every day, but the average home seeker does not yet. We guide the group of companies (Heijmans, BPD and others) and the municipality of Amsterdam in positioning, placemaking and campaigning to introduce the new Sloterdijk to the general public.

We set up the online campaign in 4 tracks: Creators, Life, Tomorrow and Active. This way we put on display for everyone to see what can be experienced in the area today and what it will look like in 5 years.

Covid restrictions got in the way, but as soon as we could, we offered street musicians a stage in various places in Sloterdijk.

We enabled pop-up theater performance ‘Vlucht’ by Erik Corton in Sloterdijk and built a campaign around that throughout the city of Amsterdam, and the entire internet.

We created a lively City Walk in Sloterdijk, that takes you on a short trip through nature, a creative breeding ground while involving the hospitality in Sloterdijk.

We created the world’s first Walking Movie, in Sloterdijk. A movie you experience first hand. taking you on a trip through nature, a creative breeding ground, colorful people and incredible hospitality in Sloterdijk. 

View the Walking Movie here

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