B for Good Leaders Summit

All roads lead to Rome

On June 16 and 17 2022, a force for good resonated trough the Auditorium of Rome. Nearly 500 CEO’s of B-corps and companies with a B-corp mindset came together to learn from each other, to challenge each other and to make joint agreements about how they will make an impact with the company they lead.

B for Good Leaders asked us to develop a visual identity for this summit and translate this into communication tools such as a website, newsletters and all communication in Rome.

To create such a movement and achieve results, you need VISION, which is also the starting point for visual identity. And since this movement is not just about prosperity, but about well-being, we choose to work with the color of warmth and happiness, orange.

The Summit has been such a success that a B for Good Leaders Network has now been created, guess who’s doing the communication?