You can’t build powerful strategies on your own. Everyone’s input is essential. More than that, a successful strategy has to be embedded in an organization’s DNA and workflow. That’s why the role of the client is crucial in this context. We serve as director, as driving force, as critic and as questioner. Together we create a foundation on which amazing things can be built.

What does it yield?

Successful communication isn’t a matter of chance. A powerful communication strategy provides a clear profile which benefits your own employees as well as the outside world. In addition, embracing a strategy at the core enables the strategy to be implemented across a range of means without requiring new decision-making all the time. This makes the communication more unified, powerful and efficient.

We can’t ignore that our planet is warming up. The Netherlands takes responsibility by being a world leader in sustainable mobility. By presenting our ambitions and achievements to the world we can inspire and move others.

Since 2015 we’ve been developing and revising the strategy for Holland E-mobility, where the entire sector joined forces. Now it was time for a new way to tell the story.

In creative sessions we worked together to identify what distinguishes this complex collaboration and her goals.We wrote a rationale to channel our thoughts towards one simple but powerful positioning. The client chose Mission Zero.

Usually the figure “0” and ambition do not match. But this time it is inextricably linked to Dutch ambition. An ambition that goes beyond electric cars as it also welcomes hydrogen and sustainable airplanes.

We brought hierarchy into the different messages, advised to tell the story lively, with concrete cases and gave structure to the communication means. And of course we made a logo to dress-up the message nicely.