Telling your story online, better than you would in real life.

How does visual design amplify the message? That question is the starting point for all our creative design work. And that’s the tricky part, the look/feel and story are both important for a powerful message.

Design has to be supportive but at the same time distinctive. It has to stand out but also suit the client. In close collaboration with our clients we create design that reflects the very best version of their brand.

Like this online magazine, that tells the story of the MRA for the coming years.

What does it yield?
Our immersive online magazines are lively and engaging. So your clients or employees will read with a smile and your message arrives in their minds convincingly.

Sometimes a story deserves to be told online, but is also a bit content-heavy. So what do you do? You wrap it beautifully so people love to read it. That’s what we did with the 2020 – 2024 MRA agenda.

The plans come into their own in a surprisingly interactive online magazine with layered content and lots of images.

Come and see what it’s like here.

We created the magazine in clear steps. First we sat down with the client MRA to set the base: layer the content in a framework. All set to go, we designed the first chapter. Positive sounds on the other end of the phone meant we could design the rest. The MRA could see our progress live at any time.

In the last feedback round, we dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. Now the magazine was ready to go live. Of course we also created a teaser so the MRA could show off the magazine on socials.

As you might have noticed by now, we let the magazine open with a full-screen animation to welcome you and create some context. The first step in creating the video was to make a script with the storyline and design ideas. When that was all set, we lovingly got to designing, animating and creating the voice-over. Adding the music and sound design really did the trick and finished the animation off nicely.

Lovely to let the visual style we developed take shape in new online products. We’ll add more video to it as soon as the times allow for it again.