Lubbers & Dijk | Rightfully more appealing

How does visual design amplify the message? That question is the starting point for all our creative design work. And that’s the tricky part, look/feel and story are both important for a powerful message. Design has to be supportive but at the same time distinctive. It has to stand out but also recognizable for the client. In close collaboration with our clients we create design that reflect the very best version of their brand. On average it takes four to six weeks to complete a new visual identity.

What does it yield?

A clear and authentic visual identity can enhance a brand and sends a strong message to the target group.

A good design starts with the story. That was also the case for the new visual identity of Lubbers & Dijk notaries. During a creative session with the partners of the company, it became clear that values such as reliability, transparency and expertise were essential for them. These core values serve as important input for our designers.

We presented three design strategies, including a corporate story and pay-off. Our focus was constantly on looking for variations that reflected the above-mentioned core values both verbally and visually. The design Lubbers & Dijk chose was ultimately implemented in all their communication – on all physical documents, online and in brochure material.