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You can’t build powerful strategies on your own. Everyone’s input is essential. More than that, a successful strategy has to be embedded in an organization’s DNA and workflow. That’s why the role of the client is crucial in this context. We serve as director, as driving force, as critic and as questioner. Together we create a foundation on which amazing things can be built.

What does it yield?

Successful communication isn’t a matter of chance. A powerful communication strategy provides a clear profile which benefits your own employees as well as the outside world. In addition, embracing a strategy at the core enables the strategy to be implemented across a range of means without requiring new decision-making all the time. This makes the communication more unified, powerful and efficient.

The Dutch electric mobility sector is a world leader. Trade and industry, government and knowledge institutes are all contributing to the transition from fossil to sustainable energy. In 2015 Misteli developed a strategy for Holland E-mobility, where the entire sector joined forces and presented itself to the world. In 2017 the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment commissioned a new strategy that emphasizes the distinctiveness of these parties – focusing on their Dutch heritage.

During the various creative sessions (involving organizations from the sector) we worked together to identify what distinguishes this complex collaboration, since its added value was loud and clear. This became the foundation for a strategy in which authority was expressed by asking questions and in which an very complex field of activity was reduced to manageable proportions. By this what seemed like a distant sector, suddenly became closer.

We wrote a rationale to channel our thoughts and suggested pay-offs that would serve as starting points for communication. In addition we created a series of communication means that can serve as a starting point for further communication. And which also provide relevant points of reference for each separate partner in the world of electric mobility.