E-mobility Conference | Room full of energy


At trade fairs and events you get to meet your clients or stakeholders face to face. So it’s all about making the right impression and delivering on promises. A successful event, starts with impeccable coordination and continues with the communication of an appealing story, that gives the encounter between individual and brand true value and meaning.

What does that yield?

An event provides a unique opportunity to meet face to face and facilitate connections that are driven by the brand. In addition, an organization can promote its message in a highly efficient, self-determined and qualitative way to the audience – assuming the event manages to hold their attention.

The Dutch electric mobility sector is a world leader. Trade and Industry, government and knowledge institutes are all contributing to make the change from fossil to sustainable energy. In order to emphasize this unique and powerful role, a diverse group of parties gathered around a clear-cut objective: it was time to create a platform. This is how the idea emerged to organize an international conference on electric mobility.

Misteli was one of the initiators and implementers of this special event. We took care of coordination, in close collaboration with several other parties. We realized several sponsoring deals, ticket sales, programme development and communication.

The conference was held in the Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (Royal Dutch Tropical Institute). Featuring more than 50 international speakers from companies including Tesla and Renault/Nissan and hosting over 300 delegates, the conference was a huge success. Delegates rated it an average of 7.5.