BOVAG Auto's de Baas

Modern cars are rapidly turning into rolling computers. As a mechanic working on these you need modern technology that links the car in your workshop live to the manufacturer. So you can fix modern cars in your own garage and keep doing all the maintenance yourself. With OEM data you remain Auto’s de Baas. (Which unflatteringly translates into something like ‘Master of cars’).

Simple story right? It surely wasn’t when we started. The Big Story was lost in all the technical options. And how do you get entrepreneurs that live for for working up roaring engines and who have run their garage their own way for years, to the point that they go through a mountain of paperwork and buy expensive computers, so they can start tinkering with a laptop?

This is how you do it. By handing back the autonomy they lost. Hands on the wheel, foot on the gas. Handle everything yourself. In your own garage. Auto’s de Baas.

The campaign reached over 3000 car workshops by direct mails, a social media campaign, wholesalers, and a broad mix of industry media.

BOVAG, RAI Aftermarket & partners