Visualize astrategy in20 minutes

The Misteli Inspiration Toolkit is a visual instrument to quickly come to new ideas and insights together. This toolkit can be used for brainstorms, identity sessions, culture change, strategy development and visualization of core values or brand mentality.

Whether you’re determining the identity of a new product, service, brand, experience, or campaign, this is the tool to get you started. Let’s get strategizing!

Here’s how to use it

1. Determine your goal

What are you finding inspiration for? What element of the identity (e.g. DNA, tone of voice) are you trying to capture?

2. Gather your team

Gather the important stakeholders and experts involved with the project, their input will be very important.

3. Filter your photos

Place them in ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe’ piles, determining whether they match your desired identity.

4. Narrow it down

Go through your ‘yes/maybe’ cards, and narrow it down to a selection of 6 cards that most closely match your desired identity. 

5. Describe the photos

Record what you see on your selected 6 pictures and what energy, mood, or feeling these pictures signify for the group.

6. Let's create a strategy

Now that you have a desired identity for your new brand, product, or campaign let’s get together. 

Get in touch

Do you need support during a session? Or do you want to get inspired with new ideas? Don’t hesitate to reach out!