we are social animals. we need a space and time to connect. especially now.

online & hybrid events

why move into the digital world?

Now live events have come to a standstill. But you still want to be in direct contact with your audience, right? That’s a strong reason to go digital. But online events are much more than a temporary substitute.

Adding a digital layer to your live event will grow your reach. These ‘hybrid’ events with larger audience in turn gain extra traction to your live events, accelerating attention and growth. Which in turn strengthens your company or cause position and (brand) awareness.

So online & hybrid events are here to stay. But how do make them stand out and work for you? We’ll show you how we do it.

online events are different from offline events

1 Scale

We are now able to connect people from all over the world and not only the ones who were able to fly in before.

2 Attention

We need to rethink how people will keep their attention, sitting at home with numerous  possible distractions.

creating online events settles between

adapt to online

Build a diverse, fast paced program that alternates inspiration, insights, fun and networking.

  • Use different paces and formats throughout the event. Create surprises.
  • Quick moving, multi speaker sessions capture and retain online audience.
  • Limit presentations to 15 minutes.
  • Ask speakers to tell stories, not explain bullet points
  • Push live Q&A to separate session and invite speaker to interact & engage

fight webinar fatigue

To stand out we need to create an outstanding experience that’s as ‘live’ as possible.

  • Create real interactive touch points to create a sense of community
  • Have people see each other, offer options to turn webcam on and interact
  • Send people a real-world package prior to the event to bridge the gap

curate the complete experience

Not just the content

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need a hand with your online event?

No matter what your level of ambition is, we can help out.

We can build the event from strategy all the way to production and make your life very easy. But we can also help out with elements like the concept, designs or animations to bring everything to life. We can even advise you on the more practical stuff.

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