A successful campaign starts with a clear objective. Do we want more visitors, better conversion, a larger audience? Every solution starts with a good question. Together dive in to find the valuable insights we need activate the audience in the long run.

What does it yield?

A successful campaign can have a tremendous measurable impact that benefits both your target audience and your own organization. A perfect combination of means delivers a rich and meaningful message and engages.

The Amsterdam area has a lot to offer. There are lots of things going on here that you could easily miss. That would be a pity, right? Municipalities in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) are doing everything they can to optimize quality of life. To do so, they need to attracting national and international long-term real estate investors. About time to reach out.

The MRA asked us to develop a campaign to raise awareness among long-term real estate investors all over the globe and visit the website investinamsterdam.com. This site – also developed by us – provides real estate investors with a complete overview of all the investment opportunities available in the region.

For this campaign we worked cross-media to create maximum impact. In the run-up to a large international real estate fair, we created a banner campaign, real-time bidding and close collaboration with media partners to reach a large target group. Not only did this result in many newsletter subscriptions and new LinkedIn pages, it also increased website visits by over 1000%.